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The Briggs Race was a dust bowl filled with black flags. The Modified Race was mud-slinging madness. And Darren Ulerick (Peru) won them both!

Congratulations to him, this is only the third time in Twelve Mile 500 history that someone has won both races back-to-back. The other two were none other than a couple of Troyers, Randy and John.

Find the full results below.

Race Results

Briggs Race

Pos###NameTotal TimeDiffBest LapBest Speed
122Darren Ulerick39:340.0035.7724.77 mph
220Glen Sherman39:405.9633.5226.44 mph
330Chad Wimmer40:0631.9135.1425.22 mph
466Zac Cowell40:0732.7535.8224.74 mph
511Dennis Bodary39:411 lap35.0125.31 mph
69Tyler Graf39:501 lap35.5624.92 mph
7101Jerome Emery39:501 lap33.4926.46 mph
84Joe Troyer39:511 lap34.0126.06 mph
942JT Hubenthal39:422 laps34.9025.39 mph
1023Zach Kesler39:433 laps40.0722.11 mph
1181Robert Hines39:477 laps40.5921.83 mph
12777Neil Schroder39:5010 laps35.1325.23 mph
DNF225Conner Martin38:070.0035.1324.91 mph
DNF3Zach Troyer35:220.0033.0426.82 mph
DNF1John Troyer32:220.0034.7125.53 mph
DNF10Kevin Hines17:290.0037.7523.48 mph
DNF71Chase Karnafel10:240.0037.8423.42 mph
DNF88Jayden Wilson6:200.0033.8326.19 mph
DNF7Tayt Cowell1:230.0040.2522.01 mph
DNF32Jason Hewitt90.000.00
source: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5782054

Modified Race

Pos###NameTotal TimeDiffBest LapBest Speed
122Darren Ulerick41:100.0034.7025.54 mph
225Cullen Ulerick41:133.0436.7224.13 mph
333Ethan Bowyer41:2717.5435.1625.20 mph
43Zach Troyer41:3323.0932.4327.32 mph
588Austin Strong41:131 lap35.2525.14 mph
61John Troyer41:271 lap35.7024.82 mph
77Dennis Bodary41:132 laps37.0323.93 mph
858Josh Brown41:283 laps34.9025.39 mph
913James Simpson41:383 laps37.0023.95 mph
1030Bradley Justice41:145 laps34.9725.34 mph
1165Chuck Warpenburg41:186 laps34.5825.63 mph
DNF777Joe Troyer39:240.0037.0623.91 mph
DNF19Kyler Lowe37:590.0038.9322.76 mph
DNF42Michael DePoy21:200.0035.8124.75 mph
DNF225Conner Martin12:510.0038.4023.08 mph
DNF10Nick Overmyer60.00
source: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5782055

Thank you to everyone who visited, helped, supported, and donated.

The 58th Annual Twelve Mile 500 was funded completely by donations from people like you, through the efforts of the Lions Club and the community throughout the year. Even the food was donation only, what an amazing community to be a part of. Until next year.

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